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Experience industry leading performance, security and reliability from your infrastructure. TOCG is your one-stop-shop for all networking needs.

Routing, Firewall and VPN


Most small businesses and branch operationshave limited finances resources for preventingtoday’s aggressive, complex and multi-level ITsecurity attacks. FortiGateTM Unified ThreatManagement solutions from Fortinet are the answer.Firewall. VPN (SSL & IPSec). Intrusion prevention.Antivirus. Antispyware. Web filtering. Antispam.Traffic shaping. And 24/7 updates. Simply thehighest level of innovation at the lowest total costof ownership.

Data Cabinets


Centralize your infrastructure in an easy to access and maintain enclosure. Racks allow for expansion without using additional space since new servers, switches and storage are stacked vertically. There are also cooled cabinets available incase air conditioning is not an option in your designated electrical room.

Cabling and Terminations


We have close relationships with professional cabling technicians who are able to run cables into spots you never thought possible, new construction or not. Once cabling is run our technicians will label and terminate all cables. To prevent future issues or high costs of repairs, TOCG installs only top quality cable and termination points. Before you sign off on a job all runs are performance tested and reported.

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