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Managed Services​

Listed below is our full suite of managed services. We are developing a full hardware/software package that will be available early 2014


Feel secure about your crucial data with backup solutions provided by TOCG. You can backup full machines, databases and files onsite, offsite or both. Reports are sent to you every day, while any errors/failures are sent to us as well. We take immediate action to rectify the issues.


Offsite backups are stored at 100% Canadian datacenters assuring your data stays in the country and can not be affected by the U.S. patriot act. 




Using award winning software TOCG can quickly deploy monitored solutions to servers and workstations. Detected malware is reported to our staff so we can remedy any issues and prevent an outbreak.


Low monthly cost of 4$ per machine.



Systems Management

Outsource your technology needs to us. Imagine not having to figure out who to call or what to do. Your staff will have access to our online ticketing system, phone support and site specific FAQ's.


TOCG will also insure your systems remain up to date, secure and performing at their peak. We are available 24/7 to perform emergency service and maintenance without causing you downtime.

Life-cycle & Asset Management

When it comes time to replace your equipment, skip the hassle and let us take on the challenge. We implement policies and pprocedures to ensure seamless IMAC's (Installations, Moves, Adds, Changes). 

Know where your equipment is and when its warranty expires. Asset management solutions allow you to easily view ​upcoming hardware expenses and current inventory.


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